Sidebrow at AWP

Sidebrow will be in attendance at this year’s AWP Conference in Washington, D.C. Here’s where you can find us:

AWP Bookfair
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Sidebrow will be sharing tables this year with Jaded Ibis and Les Figues as part of Table X, a collective of independent presses, including:

1913, Belladonna, Canarium, Chiasmus, Counterpath, Cupboard, DoubleCross, PressFactory, Hollow, Fence, Forklift, Ohio, Futurepoem, H_NGM_N, handheld editions, Insert Press, Jaded Ibis, La Presse, Les Figues Press, Letter Machine Editions, Litmus / Aufgabe, Lowbrow, Lumberyard / Typecast, Lunar Chandelier, Minutes Books, Nightboat, notnostrums, O Books, OctopusPilot Books, Poor Claudia, Portable Press at Yo Yo Labs, Projective Industries Replacement, Sidebrow, Small Fires Press, Supermachine, & Ugly Duckling Presse

Occupying a full row at this year’s bookfair, the Table X collective will be site to a wide range of events and impromptu happenings. Stop by to learn more about Sidebrow and find out about special deals on Sidebrow books.

Panel: Acts of Radical Poetic Collaboration
Friday, February 4, 10:30am - 11:45am
Delaware Suite, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Sidebrow’s Jason Snyder will be discussing Sidebrow and the origins of the Sidebrow 01 Anthology as part of a panel on radical acts of poetic collaboration.

F123. Unite!: Acts of Radical Poetic Collaboration. (Arielle Greenberg, Rachel Zucker, Dana Teen Lomax, Rodrigo Toscano, Matthew Cooperman, Jason Snyder) How does collaborative poetic work, which destabilizes the single-author voice and resists total control, lend itself to radical themes and aesthetics? In these projects, process, style, and content interrogate notions of authorship and authority, resulting in subversive perspectives on politics and culture. Collage, children participating, live performance, and interdisciplinary media are just some of the techniques used to create work that is as community-minded as it is provocative.

The panel will feature readings and discussions of five innovative approaches to producing collaborative texts, along with an audience Q&A.

Table X Offsite Reading
Friday, February 4, 6:30pm - 11:30pm
Steve's Bar Room

Table X will host an epic evening of readings, featuring writers from Barrelhouse, Counterpath, DoubleCross, Futurepoem, Greying Ghost, Jaded Ibis, Les Figues, Litmus, Lunar Chandelier, Poor Claudia, Projective Industries, Sidebrow, Small Fires, Supermachine, & Ugly Duckling.

Sandy Florian and Joshua Marie Wilkinson will be reading on behalf of Sidebrow. Click here for more information.