Table X Reading at AWP

The Table X Collective presents an epic evening of readings, featuring writers from Barrelhouse, Counterpath, DoubleCross, Futurepoem, Greying Ghost, Jaded Ibis, Les Figues, Litmus, Lunar Chandelier, Poor Claudia, Projective Industries, Sidebrow, Small Fires, Supermachine, & Ugly Duckling.

Sandy Florian and Joshua Marie Wilkinson will be reading on behalf of Sidebrow. Food trucks will be in attendance. Shout-outs to the organizational prowess of Barrelhouse, Supermachine, and Ugly Duckling. Come out and celebrate small press publishing at its finest.

Readings begin at 7pm. Full lineup in order of appearance:

( Event info on Facebook.)

Ugly Duckling: Maureen Thorson & Julian T. Brolaski

Barrelhouse: Elisa Gabbert, Joe Hall, Adam Robinson, & Farid Matuk

Futurepoem & Greying Ghost: Mina Pam Dick

Supermachine: Mike Young, Heather Christle, Ben Mirov, Christie Ann Reynolds, Sasha Fletcher, Lily Ladewig, Andrew Gorin, Ben Pease, Levi Rubeck, Mathias Svalina, & Joseph Calavenna

Sidebrow: Sandy Florian & Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Jaded Ibis: Lily Hoang, Anna Joy Springer, Davis Schneiderman, Mathew Timmons, & John Dermot Woods

Poor Claudia: Dan Beachy-Quick, Paige Taggart, Justin Marks, & Brandon Downing

Les Figues: Harold Abramowitz, Amina Cain, Jen Hofer, Paul Hoover, Alta Ifland, Vanessa Place, Mathew Timmons, & Christine Wertheim

Small Fires: Zachary Schomburg, Emily Kendal Frey, Joshua Ware, & John Chavez

Lunar Chandelier & Litmus: Vyt Bakaitis, Joe Elliot, & Jeffrey Jullich

Counterpath Press: Matthew Cooperman & Jen Hofer

Projective Industries & DoubleCross: Garth Graeper, Mary Hickman, Nathan Hauke, & Kirsten Jorgenson

  • Friday, February 4, 3:30 pm
    Steve’s Bar Room
    1337 Connecticut Avenue NW #2
    Washington, D.C.