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April 2010

ISBN: 0-9814975-1-9

104 pages, 6x8 full color, perfectbound

On Wonderland & Waste

Sandy Florian
Collages by Alexis Anne Mackenzie

“A bellow that is not a bucket. A bucket that is not a bone. There is wisdom in slipping into oceans. Into those wider organs horning. The way churches slip into twilight. Stone after stone. See the plaything on the mantel. I lean toward the paintings. See the baby fastened on the mast. I lean toward the window. See the sea, see the ship, see the ship’s low hull. See the winding of vowels by the function of the fist.”

Includes 14 original collages by Alexis Anne Mackenzie

“The modernist impulse toward innovation and experiment alive in James Joyce's Ulysses and Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons lives on in Sandy Florian's On Wonderland & Waste. Florian writes at the leading edge of the contemporary.” — Robert Savino Oventile, Sobriquet

Sobriquet review of On Wonderland & Waste
Examiner review of On Wonderland & Waste
Sandy Florian interview with Vincent Standley
Sandy Florian interview with Astrophil’s Duncan Barlow
FecalFace studio visit with Alexis Anne Mackenzie

Sandy Florian is the author Telescope (Action Books), 32 Pedals & 47 Stops (Tarpaulin Sky Press), The Tree of No (Action Books), On Wonderland & Waste (Sidebrow Books), and Prelude to Air From Water (Elixir Press). She has been awarded residencies at Caldera Arts, Stonehouse, and the Vermont Studio Center and literary prizes from Elixir Press, New Voices, and Brown University. She currently lives in San Francisco where she’s an affiliate artist at the Headlands Center for the Arts. For more information, visit her site at

Alexis Anne Mackenzie has exhibited her artwork across the United States, including solo shows in San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles. She holds a B.F.A. from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and her art has appeared in numerous magazines and books, including Art for Obama and The Rest Is Up To You. More of her art can be seen at

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