April 2017

ISBN: 1-940090-07-5

74 pages, 8x6 perfectbound


each time you carried in you something larger than yourself
stepped out a daughter
mother, mother’s mother
mothers never mute but rivalrous
a creature with its own warmth
why did you do it/let it happen
what did you hope would happen to me

Ginger Ko’s Inherit is a multi-generational testament of the trauma of immigration, domesticity, flight, and intergenerational wounds. Writing as a woman first, Ko lays bare a collective “I” in this raw, measured record of inheritance that writes into the gap between generations of women rendered alien by their experience. In the book’s two sequences, Ko takes great care to disclose how past personal afflictions can act as a catalyst for finding future lines of escape. Inherit is not a push for resolution. Instead, impelled by “a constant fear of furthering the sequence,” Ko pushes to be heard as something more than a “woman and not white.” The result is a powerful collection of poems relentlessly questing for an answer: how do you come to accept and own your whole self?

Cover art by Seonna Hong

Inherit is a really striking collection, constructed out of an emotionally-packed lyric on family, culture, gender imbalance and history.” —rob mclennan

Inherit reviewed by rob mclennan

Ginger Ko is the author of Motherlover (Bloof Books) and the chapbooks Comorbid (Lark Books) and the forthcoming Biography of My Automaton (Bloof Books). Ginger is a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia’s creative writing program, where she teaches writing and Women’s Studies. She is a contributing editor for The Wanderer and an editor at smoking glue gun. You can find her online at